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Company Philosophy

INRAD’s philosophy focuses on providing a positive and significant impact on humanity by offering comprehensive solutions to meet the current and future needs of high-quality medical care. This significantly contributes to the recovery of all individuals suffering from any type of cancer, offering them the opportunity to access timely treatment tailored to each person’s needs, giving them the possibility to heal from the disease.

Solutions are also generated for various benign and chronic conditions, improving the quality of life of the population, alleviating symptoms, and increasing their functionality through non-invasive, safe, and highly effective therapies. Moreover, the clinic commits to collaborating to facilitate access to these high-value services through various agreements and deals, aiming to offer more affordable prices for most people and to address other logistical issues, such as transportation, accommodation, and timely care. All this aims to alleviate the difficulties inherent in each disease and to offer a safe, reliable, and pleasant space.

At INRAD, diseases are not only treated, but deep connections are established with patients, and there is tireless work to leave a positive mark on humanity.

The clinic represents a beacon of hope and solution for those who choose it in times of need, finding a committed team that does not give up and accompanies the patient throughout their process. Together, they are transforming lives and building a healthier and more promising future for all.

Here, we present the values that underpin the organization's work philosophy:

Highly personalized medical care is provided, understanding that patients have unique needs that require different approaches, adapting services to offer holistic care that provides comprehensive solutions in their care during and after treatment.

It is distinguished by demonstrating genuine human warmth and empathy towards patients and their families, accompanying them at every stage of their oncological process with closeness and understanding. In addition, emotional support is provided to both the patient and their family, along with detailed information about the disease and treatment. Throughout the therapeutic process, all biopsychosocial aspects are addressed, providing guidance on nutrition, personal care, medications, and appropriate clothing to maximize results and minimize unwanted effects. Moreover, there is active monitoring of outcomes and regular check-ups to support recovery and address all patient needs. This dedication has resulted in a deep connection between the users and the clinic, leading to numerous occasions where those who have experienced INRAD’s services recommend them and periodically visit the clinic as a show of affection.

Excellence is emphasized in all aspects of the work. Each collaborator is a highly trained and committed professional, dedicated to providing the best possible care and always looking for opportunities to improve. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring that medical processes are as efficient as possible, optimizing the use of resources and minimizing the time patients must wait to receive care and during procedures, without affecting their quality. The goal is to make the work as minimally invasive as possible and to provide medical care promptly. Each team member understands that, when facing diseases as complex and severe as cancer, the opportunity for care is their most valuable resource.

The clinic strives to stay at the forefront in the field of oncological radiology. To achieve this, it invests in state-of-the-art technology and ensures it is up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and scientific research. These align with its current procedures to define modifications and opportunities for improvement, all with the aim of providing patients with accurate diagnoses and offering the best options for effective medical treatment. In this way, the possibility of the therapy causing any adverse effect is minimized, while increasing the precision and efficacy of the treatment.

Collaboration and teamwork among all members of INRAD are encouraged. The organization works in coordination with the various operational areas in a multidisciplinary manner, but always with the focus that each and every collaborator directs their efforts towards the same objectives. This, an important part of the clinic’s organizational culture, is also the foundation for promoting teamwork, coordination, efficiency, and alignment of work with INRAD’s mission and vision. They understand that the value delivered in their services is only achieved when they have a cohesive, coordinated team aligned with the institution’s values.

INRAD acts with complete ethics and responsibility in all actions and decisions of the organization. This ensures transparent, safe, and responsible work at all levels. Patients, their families, and the community at large are provided with the necessary information so that they, in conjunction with their treating physician, can choose the best treatment and feel confident in turning to INRAD for solutions to their needs. At the organizational level, there is an Institutional Integrity Program, the main support of which is INRAD’s Code of Ethics, which is available to and known by all its collaborators, both internal and external to the organization.

Active contributions are made to society by promoting cancer prevention and awareness, participating in community initiatives, and supporting patients and families during their treatment process. Furthermore, efforts are made to create facilities and economic support programs that enable people with limited resources to access quality treatments and specialized medical care, fulfilling the purpose of providing an inclusive and compassionate service for all.

The aim is to promote the professional growth and development of all collaborators within the organization. This is achieved through the management of extraordinary permissions, training and education opportunities, as well as supporting the financing of their training in certain cases. The goal is to ensure a highly qualified, committed medical and administrative team that is always improving and updating its work methods. Simultaneously, INRAD contributes to the training of future health professionals and related disciplines, establishing direct agreements with prestigious universities in the country to develop its teaching-assistance area in the field of radiotherapy. This includes classes, presentations, undergraduate research, internships, meetings, and complementary classes.

Active efforts are made to contribute to the care of the environment and to reduce the impacts associated with climate change. To achieve this, INRAD maintains constant monitoring of its waste production and the correct management and disposal of it through action protocols associated with the handling of hospital-origin waste. This contributes to adequate planning that minimizes waste generation and promotes responsible management to reduce the effects and impact these could have on the environment. In the same vein, the clinic strives to be as energy-efficient as possible in its use of energy, water, and medical supplies, always keeping in mind that the priority is the well-being of the patients and ensuring they have the necessary resources to meet all their needs.